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Vitamin Mineral Powder

Single source nutritional powerhouse

Product Overview

  • Liquid vitamins are easy for your body to absorb
  • This sugar-free beverage is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Echinacea for the immune system
  • Medicinal herbs to boost immunity
  • 30 Day Supply (or 15 Day Supply if you drink 2 a day)
  • Natural
  • Sugar Free
  • Energizing
  • Skin Nutrition
  • Immune Boosting

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Product Description

These delicious liquid vitamins and minerals mean you won’t have to deal with all those pills. Plus, liquid vitamins are much easier for your body to absorb. David Kirsch’s Vitamin Mineral Super Juice is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, everything you need in a daily multivitamin. Plus, it contains superior natural source antioxidants like spirulina, acerola berry, coral calcium and heart-healthy CoEnzyme Q10 and an extra boost of Vitamin C and D3. With three delicious flavors, raspberry, lemon and orange, vitamins never tasted so good!



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David’s clients know that staying hydrated is a natural way to stay energized and keep looking good. Get a large bottle of water and add your stick pack of Vitamins. Drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s that easy!

A few more ways to enjoy your Vitamins:

  • Mix the orange Vitamin Mineral Powder with Vanilla Protein Plus to make a incredible Creamsicle Shake for breakfast
  • Mix the lemon Vitamin Mineral Powder with Chocolate Protein Plus to make an Lemon Truffle Shake for dinner
  • Add the Super Charged Greens Blend® to your shakes to get your fruits, veggies, probiotics and more energy without any sugar
  • Drink Vitamin Mineral Powder with Muscle Restore® post workout or whenever you need to strengthen your immune system. The combination of L-Glutamine in Muscle Restore® and the nutrient-dense Vitamin Mineral Powder will also help relieve achy muscles and re-energize your body.


13. Vitamin Mineral Powder

What’s in it?
Vitamin Mineral Powder “Super Juice” is your daily vitamin PLUS. This delicious, sugar-free beverage is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, and filled with superior natural source nutrients.

More than a multivitamin:

  • More Vitamin C than a multivitamin — 5 x RDA – from acerola berries
  • More Thiamin, B6, B12 and Riboflavin than a multivitamin
  • More Zinc to boost immunity and lower resting metabolic rate

Plus, superior source nutrients:

  • Spirulina, A micro-algae rich in energizing, oxygenating chlorophyll rich green foods and trace minerals, and one of the world’s great “super foods.”
  • Medicinal herbs to boost immunity such as Ginseng, Ginger, Aloe Vera, Licorice and Astragulus
  • Coenzyme CoQ10 Electrolyte antioxidants to help slow aging and age-related diseases
  • Echinacea for the immune system
  • Powerful plant polyphenol antioxidants

What is the source of caffeine in Vitamin Mineral “Super Juice”?
Green tea. Extensive research shows that green tea is a healthier source of caffeine. It is rich in antioxidants and studies show that it reduces several types of cancers in men and women. It lowers total cholesterol and improves the ratio of HDL “good” cholesterol to LDL “bad” cholesterol. Vitamin Mineral Powder also comes in a decaffeinated version.

Who needs it and why?
Everyone will benefit from this longevity and wellness booster. David’s Vitamin Mineral Powder, created for his clients as an alternative to taking a daily multi-vitamin pill, is a powerful wellness booster. If you’ve stepped up your diet and exercise routine, you need to replenish your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

How much do I take and when?
David suggests drinking 1 to 3 Vitamin Mineral Powder drinks per day to be consumed throughout the morning and afternoon.

On taking David Kirsch’s Vitamin Mineral Super Juice – “I will never take another vitamin pill again.” BOBBI BROWN

“I like getting my vitamins in a tasty drink that keeps me hydrated! I love the general feeling of energy and well-being I get using this product.” – Gina D.

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