David Kirsch and Heidi Klum

Liv Tyler
“I work out with David Kirsch on a regular basis, but I really see his magic when I need to get in shape quickly for a film, event or photo shoot. He puts me on a detailed but realistic program, specifically designed for me, that includes diet, supplements and exercise. Within two weeks, I see huge results and feel stronger, healthier and 100% better inside and out. David’s work has been truly transformational for me on many levels.”

Ivana Trump
“Since being a young child I have always been an athlete and sports enthusiast. I was a champion skier, excelled at swimming, and have a black belt in dancing (just kidding). As my life got more hectic, with more travel, more demands were made on me, and there was less time for me, exercising and taking care of myself became secondary. And I didn’t like it one bit. So with David Kirsch I have been working out religiously…and with great fervor too! Depending on my schedule, two or three times a week. David puts me through my paces. I can honestly say, I have never felt better about my body, its strength and flexibility. The energy I have now is stupendous. David gently pushes me on every single workout, and it shows in all I do. People tell me I look fabulous…I know I feel fabulous…and it just takes commitment and dedication and a workout with David to turn things around. Happy exercising!”

Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.
“Too often, patients feel that they must make a trade-off between losing weight and staying healthy. David’s plan does not require this trade-off, and it’s for this reason that I endorse it whole heartedly.”

Alan Brazil
“Working out with a personal trainer was not my idea of exercising, but then again I was never able to stay with any exercise program despite having been a member of the various big name gyms over the years. My wife gave me a gift of a set of one on one training sessions with David at the Madison Square Club. His approach was perfect for reshaping an out-of-breath 40-something. As a result, I’ve lost 20 lbs. and exchanged fat for muscle in only six months of working out with him. Summer will no longer be a traumatic experience! Both my wife and I have joined.”

Sam Shahid
“Working out makes me feel complete. The exclusive, private environment gives me the peace of mind to become focused and meet the day head on.”

Linda Wells

“Let’s just say you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in, oh 4 years…and that your main source of nutrition is movie-theater popcorn and licorice. And you finally decide this has to change. (Yes, I’m talking about myself.) David Kirsch, the ultimate transformer, can pull you out of this mess. His exercise program is tough, no doubt about it, but it’s also fun. David does it. David is Goliath.”

Danny Meyer
“David showed me an entirely new way to think about training, making me much more aware of my body. It was a very new thing for me to spend 3 or more days a week in front of a mirror for an hour at a time. David helped me to see that using proper form in an exercise or stretch means first picturing it in my mind and then focusing on the muscle I want to use as I perform the exercise. Before I started training with David, I had suffered a rotator cuff injury and had to give up tennis because of it. David showed me how to strengthen the muscles around my shoulder. Now I can play tennis for hours without pain.”

Stephanie Winston
“David Kirsch is truly a master of the body and mind.  He has not only transformed my body but has liberated my spirit!  After three children and a loss of 80 pounds and over 25 inches in 10 months my body is completely transformed.  He has helped reconnect me to a me that I haven’t known in a very long time.  In the course of training with David, he has become a most trusted friend, confidante and an invaluable part of my life.”
Linda Evangelista 
“Initially, I went to David to reshape my body, not knowing that my interaction with him would ultimately reshape my life.”

Heidi Klum
“I work out when I want to get toned for a job like Victoria’s Secret fashion show or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I take care of myself, but if I went to the gym on my own, I’d probably end up doing a little bit on the bicycle and calling it a day… but with David, I know I’ll get some real results because he’ll kick my butt into shape!”

Faith Hill

“When I first contacted David, I had five weeks to get in shape for my first movie role. His attitude and take-no-prisoners approach was not only inspiring, it was actually enjoyable!”

Ellen Barkin

“David is incredible. For David, no one is beyond looking his or her best. No one is too old or too large.”

David Wolkoff
“David’s workouts are fun, challenging and continuously evolving.  As a former college athlete I can especially appreciate his focus and energy that he brings to each and every workout.  I can honestly say that I have never been bored with the workouts and I am always exhausted at the end. Yet, he makes sure that I never do any movement that can hurt me so I can come back and be challenged again and again. He has increased my strength and flexibility and decreased my waistline.  It’s like turning back the clock. I am in better shape at 41 than I was at 31. I wish I had started with him when I was younger.”

Kerry Washington
“I am endlessly grateful for the input David has had on my body and my life.”

Connie Gutterson

“David Kirsch has an unbelievable way of individualizing a comprehensive exercise plan of achieving better health and physical strength. His charismatic and energizing personality is evident in his latest book, The Ultimate New York Diet, where exercise becomes the pillar for the motivation and will-power to seek overall health.”

Chuck Vernau
“I met David Kirsch in 2003 and in the last 5 years he has become one of the most important people in my life. He is a trainer, a life coach, a mentor and most important to me, a best friend. Since the day I was born I have struggled with my weight and fitness levels. When I met David I was seriously overweight, had poor fitness levels and was generally depressed about my life. David did not beat around the bush and told me straight up that I needed to make major changes in my life or risk serious long term health problems. He encouraged me in a way that motivated me to change. David helped me build my self confidence back by starting slow, easing into things and setting goals that were achievable so that I was able to experience success. It has taken a long time, but I am in arguably in the best shape I have ever been in and my body weight is at a level not seen since my teenage years. The Madison Square Club is a huge part of my life and David has employed some truly tremendous people there over the years. It is a family-run business and when you are a member, you are a part of that family. It is a pleasure to be a member and a part of the Madison Square Club. I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to so many of the training, support and office staff. They have been a huge part of my success and without their support I would have never achieved the positive changes to my life and to my body. A few years ago,  David introduced a line of supplements to support and enhance overall fitness development. David has worked tirelessly over the years developing top quality supplements. He believes in his products because he developed them and he uses them as religiously as his clients do. The supplements were a huge part of my success and I would encourage anyone to use them, even if you simply take the Super Juice which is as complete a multi-vitamin that is on the market today. Thank you David and the Madison Square Club for everything you have done for me over the years. I am a better overall person today than I was 5 years ago, and thank you, David for being such a good friend to me.”

Umber Ahmad
“David and Dawn have changed my life.  I spent my whole life outside of my body.  I didn’t want to associate with it or be known for it.  I had tried numerous diets and workout plans, but nothing was permanent.  Now, with the combination of intense workouts with Dawn, guidance, an at-home program, incredible support and David’s two-week cleanse and supplements, we have transformed my body.  Unlike any other time in my life, I am seeing results and they are long-lasting.  This isn’t a fad or a phase.  This is my life.  David’s philosophy is to incorporate this into your world, not make it a separate piece.  Because of that, I now crave my workouts with Dawn and how much energy I have.  The supplements have also helped me understand my hunger and make better food choices.  Having lost more than 30 pounds, I feel incredible.  Most importantly, I’m so proud of having become so strong—inside and out.  Thank you, David and Dawn, for bringing me into my body.”