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For over 20 years, David Kirsch has been devoted to helping people achieve a sound, healthy life. He receives emails daily from people who have transformed their bodies and lives through his guidance. Whether they have lost radical amounts of weight, increased their health and vitality, or overcome unhealthy patterns, these people have found success through David’s methods. Here’s just a sampling of actual success stories from people just like you:




Dear David,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I found something that has absolutely worked.  I've been trying to loose my baby weight from 4 years ago.  I've been working out hard the past year and hit a wall and was getting frustrated because nothing was happening.

I am a 47 year old woman and I just finished your 14 day workout plan.  I lost 10 pound and a total of 8 inches.  I am sooo excited and happy.  I'm starting to get my old body back.  I'm not quite where I need to be so my plan is to continue following your workout program.  

I just wanted to say thanks a million.  I love your book, the recipes and the step by step workouts!


Marilyn and Lynn B.

We did achieve our goals by late July, but have kept going “on Kirsch”, to the point where Marilyn, having lost 50 pounds and having gotten very in shape is at her goal weight and maintaining.  I’ve lost 85 pounds and have approximately 15 or 20 more to lose.  My internist is delighted: my blood glucose readings, A1c, triglycerides, blood pressure, and cholesterol readings are all in normal range again, and I’ve gone off all my prescription medications for same.
Read entire testimonial with before and after photos…

Debbie N., Age 28

I bought David's beach Boot Camp DVD in March of this year. I found it motivating and a key component to achieving my health goals. My husband John and I have lost a combined 52 pounds through diet and exercise since March. We’re both feeling and looking considerably better as a result. I continue to "Boot" several times a week, and supplement my workouts with simple walks 2 days a week. I would love to elaborate on our excellent experience with David's program if you should desire, including some pre-and current photographs. (I also have his book!)

I can't tell you how happy we are to have found the proper motivation to achieve wellness. It spills over to every aspect of your life, enhancing confidence, improving energy, and essentially facilitating enjoyment of every moment of life!

Loren C., Age 41

I have been working out and battling my weight for approximately 20 years.  I finally feel like I have gotten my weight under control, even though I still have about 20 more pounds to lose.

I have combined my love of Pilates, spinning, and weight training into an enjoyable workout. David Kirsch’s video and book both fit into my routine perfectly. I love doing his video especially on the weekends, when I don't feel like going to the gym.

Deborah L., Age 35

When I received your e-mail asking for my weight loss testimony I almost deleted it and went on with my Sunday afternoon routine of laundry, housecleaning, packing tomorrow’s school lunches, and tending to my eight month old, but I just couldn't do it! I felt compelled to write to you and tell you how much I love my David Kirsch workout video! It produces incredible results!

I've always been very active, but have always struggled with my weight! As a child I started to get a little chubby around the 6th grade and ever since that time I've been weight conscious! I stayed chubby until I reached the 8th grade when I became active in cheerleading and was a cheerleader up until my senior year in high school! Somehow, they were able to see past my chubbiness and let me become a cheerleader with some of my gymnastic skills! I am so thankful to that junior high squad to this day for giving me that chance! I think that it's what taught me the value of being active to my body!

I don't want to make this too lengthy, so I will cut to adulthood where I have ridden the weight roller coaster! With three pregnancies under my belt and three healthy, beautiful children I can honestly say that I am thankful to currently be at my 135 lbs. That may not be great for some people but my baby is just eight months old and on the day he was born I weighed in at 186 lbs! I have worked hard by doing the Atkins diet and by working out every day!!! Before finding David Kirsch's tapes I was mainly using The Firm tapes, I was using the 7 Day Solution video, and a Christy Taylor video! They were my main line up for the week and then I was reading one of my magazines and I read about the David Kirsch video! Well, I have always admired Elle MacPherson's physique so I had to try it!!!
The first day that I did the video I found it to be extremely challenging, but I loved the diversity of it! It was so different from any of my other workout videos! David is very motivational and keeps you going throughout the whole tape! I started implementing his video into my weekly routine twice a week and that's when I started getting compliments on my rear view! My husband and my sisters were talking about how nice my butt looked! I was shocked, but I knew right away that it had to be the David Kirsch videos! It was the only thing that I had changed in my routine, and I had been doing the other videos for a lengthy period of time before I included the David Kirsch workout into my line up! I give David Kirsch and his extraordinary workout the credit for my butt lift that everyone else noticed before I ever did!!! Thank you, David!

By no means have I reached my weight loss goals or do I think that I'm a supermodel, but with these kinds of results you can be assured that I will be a David Kirsch fan for a long time to come!! I hope that I didn't bore you with too many details, but like I said from the beginning, I just felt compelled to take the time and write to you about my feeling on this video! The baby is crying so I must close and whether or not I am chosen to use for the television program, I will still continue to faithfully workout with David!!

Courtney S., 25

I had heard about the tape from InStyle Magazine. They were revealing the fitness routines of celebrities. Well, if a celebrity does it and gets fantastic results, then I will try whatever they have done. So I bought the tape and did it for the first time and it was excellent, kicking my butt like no other program.

However I was nervous that the lunges were going to make my legs really big. So I called the fitness center where David works at and asked the front desk attendant if it would make my legs bigger and she asked if I wanted to speak with David so he got right on the phone. That was so incredible to me. He said that these exercises are for every body type and if I did not like the results that I was seeing that he would personalize a workout for me.

This is more than I would ever ask for from a video.  I have since got my mom and sister to do the tape and they love it and I can see the results on them. I do it 2 times a week and I will keep doing it because it is not boring and I am staying in shape for my upcoming wedding.

So I would say that this has been the best experience and my body looks great. Everything is slender and cut!

Deborah W., 39

I really enjoy reading fitness magazines and learning about ways to improve my overall health and fitness plan. I purchased David's book and could not stop reading and trying the workouts. I began sharing his informative information with everyone! His enthusiasm comes across in the book!

David has put together a set of exercises that work for your own body type. It was great to find exercises specifically geared toward the various body types. I looked up exercises for my body shape and ones for my friends, too.

I really like the sound mind approach to a balanced lifestyle. I purchased the boot camp DVD and can't wait until the next ones hit the market. It's inspirational that David was a Manhattan lawyer and gave up his law career to devote his time to something that fills him with passion. Like David, I believe you will find success if you allow your creative energy to guide you through life.

David has a spiritual approach that encourages you to re-evaluate your inner self. He’s also got tons of practical tips that really work. The advice to eat whey protein fantastic! I really liked the personal stories in David's book. He is an excellent personal trainer. I would like to visit the Madison Square Club on my next trip to New York.

Maria E., 29

Once I finished reading the book and put the principles into action I found that I was able to take charge of how I feel and the way I look.
I was never a big girl but felt my body wasn’t in proportion so I started exercising and eating according to David's principles and discovered that I did have the body I always wanted inside me - I just needed the right tools to get the job done.

I am now at my goal weight and full of energy and have taken charge of my life. It did take longer than six weeks but all good things take time.

Scott R., 43

I bought David's book and Boot Camp DVD. While the boot camp workout still wipes me out (will I ever be able to do all those push-ups?), I can say, without a doubt, that they have transformed my life.

My weight has gone from 226 to 197. My body fat percentage has gone from 28% to 19%. My resting heart rate has gone from 78 to 64. My total cholesterol has gone from 197 to 135 (my cholesterol profile looks even better). I am energized. My senses are more acute. I have more patience. If these results don't amaze you, then this should: I accomplished all of this is just under 60 days.
While my initial focus was in losing weight and reducing body fat, I'm now focusing on building muscle (I've got to get that metabolism rate back up there). David's exercises will help me do that, too.

Perhaps the biggest change is in my eating habits. While I have to admit that the cauliflower mash isn't my favorite, it is still the best cauliflower I've ever had. I'm eating more fish, consuming more good protein and good carbs, making better choices when I eat out (which, as a hospital executive, is often), selecting better produce and meats (go organic!) when I prepare my own meals (which I often do for my wife and two daughters.)

 While my girls think it's kind of weird to eat baked trout with a shiitake mushroom pesto with leeks, or Asian chicken kabobs, they think it's kind of cool that their pretty busy dad finds the time to cook these kinds of meals three to five days per week. They also think it's cool to work out with me to David's Boot Camp DVD. I remember the first time we did the workout together, I went for 20 minutes and then sat out the rest of the routine – while my 11-year-old and 12-year-old continued on. Now it's me who goes through the entire 45-minute program without stopping (except for those damn push-ups), urging my daughters to drive on.

David, thanks for giving me the education, the motivation, and the results.

Mary F., 36

My story is not a total success story, but I'll share it anyway. I had a baby about a year and a half ago. I started out weighing about 117 to 119. I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy. I started to run as soon as I was given the green light by the doctors, which was about 6 to 8 weeks after the delivery.

I had to cancel my gym membership when the baby arrived; it was just too difficult to get there. I continued to run outside for about a year and I guess I lost about 45 pounds. I struggled to lose the rest of the weight. I bought Pilates tapes and did Weight Watchers, refusing to push myself hard.

Then I purchased David’s video after reading about his gym in InStyle. I love it. I've lost about 55 pounds to date and I'm still working on the last five. This is the closest I've been to my original weight in almost 2 years. I now live in Miami Beach, I moved her from NY. If I was in NY I would go to the Madison Square Club. It looks amazing!

Angie F., 43

It was last winter when I read about David in InStyle Magazine. I had been feeling really out of shape and not able to work out since the weather was so cold (-40!) I can't run in the winter because I get asthma. So, I decided to go on his website and find out more.

I ordered the Boot Camp tape and began working out in the basement 3 times/week - I even got my husband to join me! Before you know it, I was feeling slimmer and more energetic. I looked forward to doing the tape and found it easy to do in the comfort of my own home. I e-mailed David to thank him for the inspiration and he e-mailed some encouraging words right back.

I have told many people about the tape as they noticed my weight loss and changing shape. At my biggest I was over 140 (I am 5'2") and now I am at 125 and feel great! It is a shame that it is not available in stores over here (I had to pay a handsome duty fee!) I bought a new bike this past summer and was biking to work 3 times a week.

Now that winter is back I will be relying on David to keep me in shape! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

Janine S., 30

I am an athletic person who runs, lifts weights and mountain bike rides and am in good physical shape. I ordered David's DVD because with my husband's busy schedule, I found that I wasn't able to get out for a run or a ride as consistently as I wanted, considering that we have two young boys who I can't leave alone.

I didn't need to lose weight and was already toned and muscular but in all my years of heavy exercise, I have never seen my body look the way it has since I've started Sound Mind, Sound Body. Everything is more defined, including my abs and legs (which is saying a lot considering all of the riding that I do)!

I have so much fun doing the DVD alone, with a friend or even my mom who is in her late 50's, in good physical condition and is also seeing amazing result's thanks to David! I am so glad that I made the purchase and appreciate you letting me share my story and results.


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