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Energize for Life David Kirsch Wellness

I created One Of A Kind Supplements to help my clients stay healthy    and energized in their busy lives.

It's time to turn the lights out on negative, destructive habits we use to keep us going and ENERGIZE FOR LIFE! Are you relying on coffee or junk food for bursts of energy? Is tiredness an excuse you use to skip workouts? Are you sabotaging personal relationships because you don't have the “energy” to nurture them?

From your first alarm clock to your last bite of dinner – and all the to-do's in between – it takes the right fuel to stay physically energized and mentally focused. Say goodbye to coffee, lattes, sugary sodas and energy drinks you've been chugging to stay alive. Get the focused energy and stamina you need to be at your best today — right here, right now!

  • David's Ultimate Energy Blast

    What does David drink every morning before his workout? Hint: It's not coffee!

    For nice, even energy that lasts - without the unnecessary sugars and carbs - David's 5AM wake-up call is the "Ultimate Energy Blast," an all-natural, low calorie combination of:

    Mix with water for a terrific pre-workout punch!

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  • DK Revitalizer

    Breathe life into your day with these two non-caffeinated energy powerhouses in one fabulous tasting duo! On those days when your dragging and your brain is in a fog, you'll want David's Afternoon Energy and Muscle Restore combo in your arsenal!

    This quick energy fix, is loaded with natural energy-enhancers to help you relieve stress, improve memory, lift your spirit, and ease tention.

    Mix with water for a terrific pre-workout punch!

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  • Fuel Your Day

    Stay fit and fueled with David's Protein Plus shakes blended with Vitamin Mineral Powder; a healthy, energizing, get-up-and-go meal replacement.

    David's low-calorie formula works to help:

    • Promote weight loss
    • Enhance lean muscle mass and improve body fat composition
    • Satisfy your appetite and prevent hunger
    • Boost your metabolism
    • Sustain your energy level

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Eat 5 times a day (every 3 hours). A diet rich in protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron and plenty of water, will help keep you hydrated, satisfied, energized and your metabolic furnace burning.

Stay away from high-glycemic, artificially flavored foods and energy drinks — they'll give you an initial energy boost, but you're likely to come crashing down just as quickly.

Get your blood flowing with short bursts of exercise: Get up and walk or better yet, complete David's 10-Minute Express Workout

Give yourself a pep talk. Stop and think about all that you have accomplished and remind yourself of your ability to get things done.

Replenish your energy level with sleep … at least 6 hours of it.

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