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  • B12 SPRAY

    B12 SPRAY

    • 30 Day Supply (1 Bottle)
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    "David's B-12 Spray provides a quick pick-me-up. You spray it into your mouth – it goes directly into the bloodstream, making you feel more energetic." DR. BRANDT As featured in...

    Energy in a natural spray!

    If you've increased the intensity of your workouts, or if work or home life have you particularly stressed, you may have difficulty summoning the strength and energy you need to make it through the day.

    Vitamin B-12 naturally protects the nervous system, improves the immune system and helps keep your body energized. David's B12 Spray is a quick and easy way to give you an instant boost.

    With its great berry taste, B12 Spray is a satisfying alternative to B12 pills.

     Highly recommended for vegetarians/vegans!

    1 bottle = 30 Day Supply

    Spray five times under your tongue, hold for a few seconds and then swallow. In its spray form, vitamin B12 is absorbed much more quickly than pills or capsules. 


    B-12 Spray

    What's in it?
    B-12 Spray is a pure source of energy and immunity-boosting qualities. It contains more than 100x RDA of B12the purest, most natural form of energy for your body.

    Who needs it and why?
    •  Anyone who needs more energy or help reducing stress.
    •  Athletes who need increased stamina. If you've increased the intensity of your workouts, you may have difficulty summoning the strength and energy you need to make it through the day. B-12 Spray can give you the extra lift you need.
    •  B12 is a natural fuel providing energy and stamina and thus reducing stress and improving your mood. It also regulates and protects the nervous system, which is under fire during stressful times.

    Why is it good for me?

    •  A highly effective source of natural energy
    •  Increases mental alertness
    •  Helps reduce stress
    •  Protects against nerve damage
    •  Improves immune functions
    •  As a spray, B-12 has greater absorption into the bloodstream

    Can taking too much Vitamin B12 hurt me?
    No. Since B12 is water soluble, the body will rid itself of any excess by excreting it in the urine.

    How much do I take and when?
    5 sprays under the tongue as often as necessary to boost energy.

    Anything else I need to know?
    David's B-12 Spray's great berry taste is a satisfying solution to traditional vitamins.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.