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    Feeling worn down in the middle of the afternoon? Stressed out or having difficulty concentrating? Feel like a latte and chocolate chip cookie are the only things that will give you a boost?

    Afternoon Energy is here to help diffuse the afternoon “brownout!”

    With its mood-elevating, brain-stimulating, energy-boosting ingredients, David's all-natural Afternoon Energy supplement will give you the mental and physical lift you need to make it through your day.

    This supplement contains a unique combination of Vitamin B-12, l-tyrosine, vinpocetine, panax ginseng and a medicinal blend including dong quai, reishi mushroom and astragulus. Together, they work to improve brain function and relieve stress, fatigue and depression by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

    Take Afternoon Energy anytime of day for a boost.

    1 Box = 30 Day Supply

    Take 2 capsules in the mid-afternoon or whenever you need it!
    Afternoon Energy
    Afternoon Energy

    What's in it?
    This supplement provides a healthy lift to your energy and spirit through a unique combination of:

    •  More than 40 x RDA of energy producing B-12
    •  l-tyrosine - naturally produced in the body and a non-essential amino acid (protein building block) that effects  neurotransmitters like dopamine and epinephrine. Studies confirm its brain-enhancing qualities; it may be  useful in treating stress and mood disorders like ADHD or depression without the downside experienced by  traditional drugs.
    •  Vinpocetine - a dietary supplement that may improve blood flow to the brain and mental acuity.
    •  Panax ginseng for a natural boost to the brain, increasing mental performance and one's ability to think  and learn
    •  Proprietary herbal blend providing more natural energy boosters from ginger and cinnamon

    Who needs it and why?
    •  Anyone who needs help reducing stress and boosting energy.
    •  Anyone who needs help boosting their mental performance or their ability to stay sharp and focused all day long.
    •  Athletes who need help counteracting fatigue and stress during training

    Why is it good for me?
    Afternoon Energy's proprietary formula is designed to:

    •  Increase energy levels, especially in the brain
    •  Help the body retain more energy
    •  Relieve stress, fatigue and depression
    •  Increase oxygen levels and blood flow
    •  Increase alertness and mental function
    •  Improve energy metabolism by thermogenic activity
    •  Improve glucose utilization

    How much do I take and when?

    2 capsules in the afternoon

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.