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  • 7-Day Cleanse

    7-Day Cleanse

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    "It's the only detox I've come across that incorporates protein drinks, which keep metabolism from dipping, keep hunger at bay and make it easier to stick with it for five days. It's much more manageable for someone who might be averse to the typical all-juice cleanse." NICKY KINNAIRD
    Founder & President of Space NK
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    $159 (less than $23 per day)

    Thermo Bubbles® now included!

    Cleanse your body and kickstart serious weight loss with David’s 7-Day Cleanse. Expect to lose 5 -10 lbs* with the same cleansing regimen that has helped many actors, actresses, and models get runway and red-carpet ready. More importantly, 7 days of this program helps pave the way for clean eating, increased energy and a healthy immune system. There’s no better way to start your transformation!

    Unlike popular juice cleanses which are loaded with sugar and calories, David's detox will fuel your body with the protein, fiber and superfoods it needs to revitalize and burn more fat.

    During the first two days of this program you will flush toxins, debloat and give your digestive system a rest with the 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse®. This pink lemonade blend gives you top colon, liver, and kidney cleansing antioxidants including acai berry, milk thistle, and cranberry extract in addition to fiber and appetite-suppressing Chromium Picolinate.

    Days 3-7, you’ll follow David’s 5 Day Ultimate Detox and nutrition system.

    • A.M. Daily Detox™ - Delicious grape drink; an immensely rich source of antioxidants
    • Super Charged Greens Blend® - a nutrient-dense superfood and probiotic formula
    • Protein Plus shakes - helps boost metabolism and make detox enjoyable
    • Thermo Bubbles® - pink lemonade bubbly fat-burner; helps maximize your results
    • All products are free of sugar and low in calories

    What you Get:
    1) 1 48 Hour Supercharged Cleanse
    2) 1 Ultimate 5 Day Detox
    3) 1 box of Thermo Bubbles®

    *weightloss projections are based on David's experience with clients that use and follow the 7 Day Cleanse.

    Days 1-2
    Replace all meals with David’s 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse®. “If you’re chewing, you’re cheating!” For breakfast, lunch, afternoon break and again at dinner: mix 4 fl. oz. of the lemonade with 4 fl. oz. of water. Sip it S-L-O-W-L-Y. During the 48-hour period, it’s important to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water and decaf green or herbal tea. Drink Thermo Bubbles® for improved fat burning. Keep to your workout but lower the intensity.  

    Days 3-7
        •  First thing in the A.M., drink one serving of A.M. Daily Detox™  
        •  Breakfast: Drink a Super Charged Greens® and a Protein Plus shake.
           Mix them together, or drink them separately. You choose!
        •  Follow with Thermo Bubbles® to curb appetite and boost energy.
        •  Lunch: Eat a plain salad of greens drizzled with lemon juice. Top with
           4 oz. of skinless grilled chicken or fish. 
        •  Dinner: Enjoy a Protein Plus shake or substitute with the above lunch
           option. Recommended: Drink Calming Bubbles® to unwind and curb cravings. 
        Up the intensity of your workout.


    A grocery list and complete instructions for what to do before, during, and after your cleanse will accompany your kit.

    48 Hr Super Cleanse

    Can I add fruit to the protein shakes?
    Not during the 5 days that you’re detoxing because fruit has too much sugar, but you can mix in our Vitamin Mineral Powder to change up the flavor. Try mixing a raspberry packet with chocolate, or an orange packet with vanilla! The greens packet that comes in your detox also tastes great mixed with the vanilla protein.
    After the 7 Day Cleanse, you can add fruit to the protein shakes—organic strawberries and organic blueberries are great mixed with the protein.
    Are any vegetable snacks allowed?

    Yes! The general rule is to stick to vegetables that are green in your daily salad. Kale, broccoli, and brussel sprouts are some examples. To combat hunger, be sure to include dark, leafy greens in your salad and avoid the greens like romaine lettuce that are mostly water.
    Can I workout during the 7 Day Cleanse?
    Absolutely! You should be working out each day as you normally would.
    Can I take my Daily Supplements during the 7 days?
    We recommend our Vitamin Mineral Powder. Not only is it a complete multivitamin, but it will also keep you hydrated and be the raspberry, lemon, or orange treat you can look forward to!

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.