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What Customers Are Saying About One Of A Kind Supplements™

The cleanse did what it said it would do. I have more energy and feel lighter. – Jonathan N.

I have been on these products for nearly 2 weeks and I feel fantastic! I now can't imagine life without them. I have lost 7 pounds and my husband said I look "younger"... I love the way they make me feel. I recommend them to everyone! – Amy G.

I got hold of the NY Diet book back in September 2009 (see my before photo), my husband and I initially did the 14 day program - I think I dropped 12 lbs initially and I've been pretty much following the principles ever since and continuing the down-ward trend. I got a personal trainer about that time and got back into running, boot camps etc. in early 2010. We then got pregnant, had a miscarriage, got pregnant again and I kept on working out whilst I was pregnant with my PT along with Spinning etc. The 'baby' is now 2, and a year ago a new gym opened in town with a free daycare - now I can workout 5-6 days a week! I've dropped another 18lbs this last year making a total of 50lbs down along with huge increases in muscle mass. The after photo is from last Summer, I need to take another one as my legs and biceps are way better than in this photo and I now have real abs for the first time in my life!!! I'm a huge fan of David's program and also use many of his supplements – Thermo Bubbles, Energy Bubbles, the vitamins, Muscle Restore, 48hr Cleanse, and the Chocolate Meal Replacement drinks. I'm excited to try the new snack-size lower-calorie Kirsch Bars in my next order! Just wanted to give David a huge thanks from a regular every-day mom! Thanks for passing my appreciation along.  – Victoria F.

I am a Personal Trainer in Munich, I have tried the NY Body Plan myself and done it with numerous clients - it is the most honest, motivating and effective way to get into shape quickly. Thanks for that great book! Klaus R.

Best. Plan. Ever.  I love it! #workoutsilove @nybp - @this is_jess

David, your supplements give me energy to complete the day, and supply me with vitamins to keep me feeling healthy! – Jacqueline M.

I am from Germany. First, I am really happy about your new online shop.
I lost 60 pounds after birth with the David Kirsch program this year.
Best wish - Canan J.

By reading your updates and 30 minutes of running 5 x a week and eating clean, fresh food (oh, and doing your signature moves!!!!), I lost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks!!! Thank you!! I feel amazing – Anneli C

@DavidKirsch just tried your daily detox! Never tried a supplement tasting that good with so many benefits. Going bananas on ur website!! jasminmaro Jasmin

I've lost 47 pounds in the last year with your vitamin supplements & exercise mantras. I don't have the guts to admit my weight loss publicly! So, pretty much, Thank You for being such a fantastic inspiration! Health and Fitness have become a big part of my life thanks to you!  Rocknrollvegan Lyz

I like getting my vitamins in a tasty drink that keeps me hydrated! I love the general feeling of energy and well-being I get using this product. – Gina D.

David - I am on the last day of the 5-Day Detox and all I can say is WOW! I feel amazing. Thank you for making a product that is easy to use, effective, and one that you feel great and most of all, not hungry! I can't wait to recommend this to family and friends! THANK YOU!" – Sue B.

Dear David,
I am writing you because I want to say THANK YOU!
Maybe I should first tell you that once I didn’t like you sooo much ;) The first time I tried to lose weight with your body plan was a disaster. That time I ate very much before starting it and the change from ‘I eat what I want and I hate sports’ to phase 1 was horrific. I lost weight, but I felt terrible, so I abruptly stopped and soon had the jojo-effect. Then, months later, I started eating less, set aside carbs etc. and lost six kilos in one year. Then my boyfried proposed to me :) and I made an appointment for buying my wedding dress. I always said: I only want a wedding dress in a size 36! But how could I manage this in two and a half weeks? I weighed 63 kilos at that time. Then I had the idea to try your body plan again. And it worked so well! I think it was the fact that I was used to smaller portions now. I now weigh 56,5 kilos (!!!), I like my body for the first time in ten years and I feel better that ever!!! I am deeply grateful for you and your body plan! I was always afraid of becoming 30 years old. Now I am 30, and I feel better than I felt when I was 20. Thank you so much, David!!!  All the best to you!  Greetings from Cologne - Linda

Dear David,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I found something that has absolutely worked.  I've been trying to loose my baby weight from 4 years ago.  I've been working out hard the past year and hit a wall and was getting frustrated because nothing was happening.

I am a 47 year old woman and I just finished your 14 day workout plan.  I lost 10 pound and a total of 8 inches.  I am sooo excited and happy.  I'm starting to get my old body back.  I'm not quite where I need to be so my plan is to continue following your workout program.  

I just wanted to say thanks a million.  I love your book, the recipes and the step by step workouts! -  DANA

I recently placed an order, and I wanted to mention that I am glad you are now using stevia rather than sucralose in the chocolate protein powder mixture. It was always delicious, and now I don't have to worry about a controversial additive. - AMY

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your Chocolate Protein Plus Powder. I ran out and, while waiting for more to arrive, tried two different protein powders from the store and yikes! I couldn't wait for the FedEx truck to arrive and practically did a happy dance when it did. It (Chocolate Protein Plus Powder) is so flavorful and filling - it FEELS like I've "eaten" something, whereas other brands are thin and tasteless and I have to remind myself that I've taken in enough calories until the fullness "kicks in." Yummy! Almost makes me wonder if there's an addicting ingredient added ;-) Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to research and develop a product that is not only nutritionally sound but tasty & filling as well.  - KENDRA

Hi, I did the 5 day detox, and lost 9lbs. I worked out once with my trainer, and played tennis for 1 1/2 hours. My workout schedule is being ramped up next week. The products are great, I was never out of energy. I am very happy with the results. Am continuing with 2shakes per day, thermo bubbles and vitamin juice. Will do 2 day lemonaid fast next week. I am going on vacation next weekend for 4 days, and need some help with appetite control, what would you recommend? Also, what products should I use going forward to continue to lose weight(about 10-12 lbs additional) and then to maintain? You can also contact me via email, it's okay. Thanks for your help. - VIVIAN

Dear David,
You have motivated me beyond belief. I've always loved working out and after the death of my mom I fell off a bit. I'm not completely out of shape but I wasn't feeling conditioned or healthy. People think because your not over weight your in shape. I read your book and you have bought me back to focus. I just moved from Yorktown NY to Media PA and would love one day to have the privilege to have a one on one with you. I look forward to one day working out with you and see if I'm doing all the workouts correctly. To my surprise my family gave me both your dvd's for upper and lower workout. I just want to thank you for all help!

Hey - Just a quickie to say I stumbled upon your "one-a-day" workouts on Modelinia a little while ago, and they're excellent. I've done them all back to back on the days I do strength training. It hasn't been a long enough time, but I'd swear they've improved my fencing already. Maybe it's just an increased awareness of how I engage my hamstrings and butt when I practice...? Regardless, they're great. As a totally broke grad student, I really appreciate the free treat! Thanks again, - MIRIAM

"Hi! Just wanted to thank you for changing my life. My profession in life has basically been dieter and exerciser, until June 2008. I went to visit my dear friend in Miami and she introduced me to my "guru" David. We underwent the UNYBP together (big help) and I could feel immediately how my tinkie-winkie suit disappeared. My favorite part: I felt healthier and stronger. Not hungrier at all, and enjoying food more. It's funny how something so simple seemed so hard to find. … Before going back to homeland Paris, I got myself all the books and excercise dvd's, which I adore as they are now part of my life philosophy. I just wanted to THANK you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of this life philosophy. My life changed 360 degrees, and I am such a happier person! As some plastic card would say: PRICELESS!" - CARLOS S.

“I work out with David Kirsch on a regular basis, but I really see his magic when I need to get in shape quickly for a film, event, or photo shoot. He puts me on a detailed but realistic program,specifically designed for me, that includes diet, supplements and exercise. Within two weeks, I see huge results and feel stronger,healthier and 100% better inside and out. David’s work has been truly transformational for me on many levels.” – LIV TYLER

"Thesupplements have also helped me understand my hunger and make betterfood choices.  Having lost more than 30 pounds, I feel incredible. Most importantly, I’m so proud of having become so strong—inside andout.  Thank you, David and Dawn, for bringing me into my body." - UMBER A.

On taking David Kirsch’s Vitamin Mineral Super Juice -- “I will never take another vitamin pill again.” – BOBBI BROWN

“I was a bit skeptical at first about the supplements I’ve bought, but after taking them ... I love them!!  My nails used to have ridges in them and they’ve completely disappeared. They are a little pricey but I still like what I get for my money. Plus, I have a lot more energy than I used to.” -- CHRISTINA D.

“Until I started taking David’s supplements, I’d never felt theeffects of vitamins. His products give me more focus and energy.” - ELLEN BARKIN

“I have tried David Kirsch Wellness Vitamin/Mineral Powder in the past few months. I would never go back to using a pill vitamin in the future. The liquid plus powder seems to provide more energy and nutrients to my internal system more quickly than pill form.” -- ELEANOR C.

“David Kirsch'.s products are terrific. I start every day with his protein shake and vitamin mix and it keeps me going strong.” -- KEVIN M.

“I love all of the products in the Ultimate New York Body Wellness Kit,but my favorite is the Protein Powder. Ive tried other brands of whey powder, but the others have an unfavorable taste and remain in clump seven after mixing well. David’s protein powder tastes great and mixes easily! I love the ease of taking a protein packet and a shake bottle for a delicious shake on-the-go! For several months, I have used Davids book, videos, and supplements. What a blessing! These products have shown me how to incorporate positive and healthy changes in my life.” -- ANNIE C.

"I have been using DK's Thermo Bubbles for 2 weeks now and the results have been fantastic. I have seen my energy levels rise off the charts. I am sleeping like a baby and my appetite has been noticeably smaller than before. I have already shed 5 lbs. and absolutely love the pink lemonade flavor. You owe it to yourself to give this great supplement a tray!" - ERIC K.

“I was leary at first, about
purchasing health products on-line but tomy utmost delight the entire experience was a positive one. In fact David Kirsch delivery and products are better than anything that I have ever ordered on-line. My absolute favorite is the meal replacement shake; I actually look forward to drinking them. It’s almost a treat instead of a meal. Thank you so much for a wonderful product and wonderful experience.” -- DEBORAH G.

“I discovered these shakes after reading Davids Ultimate New York Body Book and after completing one of his workout programs. These shakes are the best! With our busy schedules, this meal on the go before our workout is the only solution. And they taste fantastic.” -- TERI T.

“David’s Vitamin Mineral Super Juice “is a healthy way to boost my energy level”… I love David. Working with him changed my life.” – KERRY WASHINGTON

“I’ve been taking these vitamins for 4 months, and Ive noticed a difference: more energy, less cold sore outbreaks, and better mood.” - COLLEEN R.

“I had been on the first week of Phase 1 without any supplements and it was really hard because I was craving and tired. But once I received the supplements the Hoodia took the cravings away and I got that extra energy boost I needed in the afternoon. Week two was much easier and even reinforced my commitment to the program. I didn't even want to cheat or revert back to eating off the plan. Cost was more than I anticipated but was well worth it once I took the products and got immediate results. These supplements are true to their descriptions on the website and deliver as promised. I will definitely be reordering from this site in the future.” -- SANDRA C.

“I have been ordering regularly from this business for almost two years. They offer products that are unmatched in terms of quality. I have tried many fitness (protein) shakes. Theirs surpasses all others.It tastes great and offers the perfect combination of vitamins, protein and flax. I consider the shakes an important factor in my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the past year, I have lost thirty five pounds through exercise and developing a healthy relationship to food.I began by reading David Kirsch's book, The Ultimate New York Body Plan.”-- LYNDA S.

“Fantastic products with excellent quality. Ive been taking vitamins for over 20 years and my body has responded better to David Kirsch Products than any of the others Ive taken. Thank you David for making top quality products that are affordable!!! You’re awesome!!!”- JEFFREY E.

“This company sells top grade products that really make a difference in my life. The protein drinks and vitamin juices are delicious! The staff is as friendly as I have ever encountered and are so helpful and efficient.” - NANCY M.

“I ordered the Wellness Kit as a companion to The Ultimate New York Diet book. I was particularly pleased with the morning protein shake. Its delicious, and also made it possible for me to quickly and painlessly break my must-have caffeine each morning. I will definitely be re-ordering.” -- DIANE W.

"LOVE the B12 spray!  It gives you that midmorning boost just when you need it and unlike vitamins, it actually tastes good.  The energy bubbles are exactly what you need to start the afternoon. They’re delicious and help curb my appetite so I don’t end up lookingfor snacks. I always mix in a packet of greens with my protein shakes. The taste is great mixed with the vanilla protein shake and I truly believe that they help me stay energized throughout the day." - MELISSA K.

"AMAZING is all I have to say about the 5 Day Detox.- I feel so much better, the bloat is gone and I am really focused on sticking to the ultimate plan. I lost about 12 pounds from the detox so that was a great start for me! - SCOTT K